Ways to Save Money on a Copier in a Tighter Economy

Lexmark X644e MFP

Lexmark X644e MFP

With the Economic news growing bleak on a lot of fronts, there is some good news out there for the business owner in regards to copier purchases.  10 or 15 years ago, a copier rep in Denver would knock on doors and try and place units in for trial and these units would cost between $15,000 and $20,000 to go 30 or 40 pages a minute.  Time went on and machines have become faster and less expensive.  On the manufacturing side, I believe this will mean that the longevity of the devices will be diminished, but with the cost so proportionately superior, this works in your favor.

Let’s look at an example…  The Lexmark X644e and the Xerox WorkCentre 4260MFP are great alternatives to the typical high cost, TABLOID INCLUDED models.



  These units do not accomodate tabloid sized paper (11 X 17), but if you don’t use it, why pay for it?  These two machines cost between $2,500 and $3,000 and go 50 (X644e) and 55 (Phaser 4260) pages per minute! You also still get low cost per print options, so for the office doing 15,000 pages per month or less, these are awesome MFP/Copiers!

Both can Print, Fax, Scan to E Mail, Scan to Network AND COPY.  They will save you thousands in up front costs and really not cost you more in recurring monthly costs.  I would just assume a 5 year lifecycle on these and you’ll be fine that way too.  The Lexmark only costs about $300 more than an HP 4510 Laser Printer


If you can get over the fact these units don’t always “look like” your traditional copier, you can save thousands and increase productivity.