“We’ll Lease You a New Copier for What You’re Currently Paying and it’ll Go Faster…”

Another Dishonest Ploy from Copier Reps

Another Dishonest Ploy from Copier Reps

You may be nearing the end of your copier lease and you are hearing your copier rep sing a song of “bigger, better, at the same price.”  It sounds great at first, after all, why not go faster and be able to do more and if you can do it at the same costs as you currently have, all the better.  Here is the problem, you are probably paying too much for your copier in Denver!

Let’s change the product to illustrate the point.  You go to your local Starwhatever coffee house and let’s say they are charging you $8.00 per cup of coffee.  (It seems like they do sometimes) Anyway, this is way too much, and them promising to give you 32 oz instead of 20 oz does not make the $8.00 cost a good deal.  A good deal is based on fair market value and what you get for that value.

When you are buying a copier in Denver, don’t get suckered into thinking that just because the copier is faster than what you already have for the same price, that the new copier is a good deal.