What Can I Do With This Old Copier???

Maybe you are looking at getting a new copier and the thought has crossed your mind, "What am I going to do with this old copier?" If you have an analog copier, there aren't many people who will want anything to do with them.  The problem is that copiers are bulky and heavy.  You may have a 400 pound gorilla sitting in your corner if you aren't considering this as part of the process of getting a new copier, you are setting yourself up for some headaches. Here are some things to consider if you are getting a new copier in regards to getting rid of your old copier.

1) If you have an analog copier and are going to recycle it, how Green is the recycler you are sending it to?  I have attached a helpful article (auditing-an-electronics-recycler) which will assist you in the recycling question.

2) If you have a digital copier, the reseller will often want to try and do a "trade-in" because we can sell some of the old copiers for $1,000 or so and it helps us make money when some of the new copiers have very little margin to work with.  This is good for you because it gets rid of the copier and good for the vendor because they are in the business of selling new and used copiers.  The one issue which really needs to be addressed is if your digital copier has a hard drive, then you are giving away images of all the copies you have made.  If you have sensitive information or financial information getting copied and the vendor sells the copier without wiping the hard drive, you are risking giving away that information! Here is an article on how people use copiers for identity theft.

3. If you are assuming the vendor will just be taking the old copier, make sure they agree with this.  Often, there is a charge, often there is not.  So, making an assumption is a poor idea, just make sure to get things clarified.

4. If you have to send a copier back to a leasing company, that's a whole other set of tips you'll want to take a look at to make sure you don't get overcharged by the leasing companies. 

As always, feel free to give us a call if you need a quote on a new copier or a recommendation on a responsible electronics recycler in Denver.