What is a Copier Lease?

business woman working on office printerA good number of businesses in Denver are not very clear about what a copier lease is. A lot of them view a lease as an easy installment program and never bother to look at the detailed cost of the machine.

A lease’s main purpose is to provide financing for an expensive item. It also lowers the cost in comparison to usual financing. Lots of people would hang onto their copiers when their lease is up, except they have to renew their contract and buy a new one instead.

A lease can be good for your Denver business. However, it’s not necessarily less expensive to lease a copier than it would be to buy. At any rate, it’s integral to your business endeavors. Because of this, you’ll want to study different options carefully to find the perfect fit for your business. When it comes to purchasing time, you can renegotiate and ask for an extension, much like you might with a vehicle.

Keep in mind that leasing requires to use your vendor’s maintenance since it’s their copier, and that the lease you have in place for your Denver office is beneficial for accounting purposes.