What to Do When Your Copier Company (Like Finzer) Goes Out of Business

We have had a few of our customers come to us because they were working with Finzer Imaging Systems and were unable to get any support or help after their bankruptcy.  The support goes away, but the needs are still there and oddly enough, the lease payments still exist and there is no support that is going with it.  What should a customer do in such a situation?  We asked this question to our USXL sales executive and her response was pretty insightful as what a company ought to do to continue getting service and not have to get ripped off because your copier company went bankrupt.  Here is what our rep had to say…

They should contact the leasing company from the invoice.  The leasing company can typically get another vendor to assign the service portion to so the customer can pay as agreed.  If the leasing company cannot get a vendor to provide service and supplies at the rate listed on the contract, they should reduce the contract by the service amount so they are just paying the equipment portion.”

If you are in the position of dealing with a copier which has a contract tied to a company going out of business or if the service is so terrible you are wanting to change service providers, this is a great step to start with.  If the copier company is still in business they will be notified by the leasing company what you are trying to do.  That step alone will often get you better service.  If they are gone, you need to make sure you are not double paying for prints and that is why the advice from USXL is so solid.

If you have copier related questions or questions about your copier lease, we’d be happy to help you out.  Please call if you have a copier need here in the Denver area.