What to Do With Remote Employees and Copiers

Remote Employees – What Next?

You are divesting your office and allowing some of the employees to work at home.  One of the issues is how to keep them productive with phones, office equipment like copy machines and basic productivity tools like document management.  The more that employees are allowed to work from home, the more that controlling documents is crucial and the more you will want to watch copier spending.

So, your marketing director is going to work on a new document and while they are making some changes to the specials, a sales rep grabs the document and sends it you your prized customer.  With a document management system, this would not happen because as the marketing director had the document checked out, the sales rep would not be able to access the file.  Having a document management system, or electronic content management system is crucial the more you have employees working in remote locations.

On top of this, you have the phones and the data lines to run to the homes.  If you are a larger organization, you may want to consider a solution called hybrid VoIP  — this can make having to pay for a lot of phone lines a lot cheaper.

If you are moving employees all over or letting them work from home and need phones or copiers for them, please give us a call!