What Your Copier Company Isn’t Telling You

Copier Secrets

Copier Secrets

Are you thinking about purchasing a copier here in Denver and it seems that you are getting a different story from 100 different copier sales reps? It is a hard decision to buy a copier which is both affordable and appropriate for your needs. One of the biggest mistakes people seem to make is they purchase a tabloid capable (11X17) copier for Letter/Legal needs.

Here are some simple facts in the industry for you to consider.

1) Less than 3% of printed pages are tabloid sheets but 24% of unit placements are A4 capable.
2) While you may think your low cost per print justifies spending more on the larger copier (and it does sometimes), industry averages say you’ll spend 40% more over 3 years ($7,000) if you buy the A3 copier.
3) An A3 Copier will take up more space and use more power and also go slower than an A4 copier (again, using market averages, these averages are definately not always the case…)

Before you just buy another A3 copier, consider a Letter Legal Copier instead. One manufacturer we deal with has put this information together for you to consider before making your next copier purchase in Denver.