When Should I Consider Upgrading My Copier?

As good as your copier may be, there will always be a time and a place when it needs to be replaced.  Keeping the old copier does not always make the most financial sense.  For one thing copiers do wear out, they are mechanical, and there is a point like with cars where a replacement can make more sense than a repair.  There are also times where it makes sense because the toner and supplies costs are so high replacement makes sense from a mere supplies cost standpoint.   No matter how much memory, or what hard drive you add, your printer will only go as fast as the rated speed (at best)…  if this is not fast enough, you may need a replacement. 

There are other business concerns which may be making it necessary to make a change. 

  • If you have a Black and White copier, but need color copies
  • If you do a lot of volume, but only have a low volume machine
  • If you need to scan and you copier does not scan
  • If you need to have a document management system and you do not now
  • Your think your current copier is a piece of crap and you want something that doesn’t jam, etc…

If you are at this point, we’d love to work with you to help you get the next copier to actually meet your business needs.