When to Look at a New Copier Company

Divorce-SeperationOften times people get frustrated with their copier company and are looking for a new option.  This can be awesome for a company like ours, but isn't always the best for the client.  The time when trying to get a new copier company makes the least amount of sense is when there is more than  a year on the current copier lease and the service is poor.  In this case, trying to work things out with the current copier company is generally the best plan of attack.

The reason for this is to get you a new copier, we still have to pay off the current copier company.  Say your current lease plus maintenance is $800 a month.  If you are more than a year out, that decision will cost you $10,000.  That is a lot of money to just throw out the window.  If it is $10,000 for the new copier, now the copier is $20,000.  That is a lot and it would generally be better to wait a bit.

If you are ready to change your copier company, please give us a call!