Where do Copier Costs Come From?

Don't Get Exposed with Extra Copier Costs

A copier involves a variety of charges and costs to be kept in mind. Typically, Denver copier services offer a “click charge”, which is basically the general cost calculated per single side printed page. However, there are many costs that should be considered that might or might not be included in the “click charge”, depending on the company you are dealing with. It is worth investigating many of these costs individually to ensure you know what your Denver copier is costing you per click:

1) Labor costs – in terms of installing, maintaining, and using the machine
2) Equipment costs – purchase of initial and replacement equipment
3) Accessory costs – purchase of additional components, including additional RAM, networking cards, and networking equipment
4) Consumable costs – ink/toner, paper, and special paper (eg. transparencies)
5) Simplex or duplex costs – duplex prints incur additional costs (printing on both sides of the paper)
6) Color Copy Costs – the addition of color, increase costs

Knowing the variety of factors that influence the initial and ongoing cost of running your copier is essential to keeping your expenses consistent and manageable. There are service plans that can include all these cost centers, but it is good for your Denver company to understand where copier costs are coming from!