Which Copier Dealer to Choose?

Don't Get Exposed by a Copier Company

If you are in the copier purchasing process, it is a challenge knowing which Denver copier company to choose.  We are Pahoda Image Products, and obviously we hope you will choose us, but we are not for everyone.  Like any business we all have our specialties and it is important to have a great fit.  In this article I wanted to go over when you may want to choose Pahoda Image Products, when Lewan would be a good fit and when you may want to consider All Copy.

Independence —

Pahoda and All Copy will be a good fit for you if this is a concern.  Both are independently owned here in Denver.

Manufacturer Backing

Lewan is the strongest here since they are owned by Xerox.  Pahoda and All Copy are in dealer programs and can take care of you, but they are not owned by a manufacturer.  Having this ownership does give Lewan a few advantages.


All three can be competitive.  It will depend mainly on the rep and how you work with them.  Feel free to Email if you are worried about costs and we can send you a free guide on how not to get ripped off when buying a copier called the Copier Vampire.

Local Technicians

Pahoda would be the worst of the 3 here as all of our technicians are Xerox technicians, which Lewan also has access to, but Lewan also has their own technicians.  So, I hate to admit it, but Lewan and All Copy are stronger in the maintenance of copiers than we are.  We do have next business day guaranteed response, but if you had to have someone there in an hour, Lewan and All Copy could send someone.  We’d have to offer a loaner.  Obviously, we work hard to ensure you are always up, but our goal is always to be fair and honest with our assessments.

Other Services

Lewan offers a lot of the Xerox business process offerings and All Copy dabbles in managed networking as well.

Desire for Your Business

I cannot speak to the level of desire Lewan and All Copy may have to earn your business, after all, I am not an employee of theirs.  I hope that you give us an opportunity to quote your next printer or copier here in Denver and we can show you that we’d love a chance to earn your business.  Lewan and All Copy in general are pretty reputable companies (I wish I could say awful things about them!), but we do hope that we would be a superior copier company for your company’s needs!