Who is Responsible for Your Copy Machine?

Who is Responsible for Your Denver Copy Machine?

When you get a copier and a contract, it is done so with the expectation that everything is going to go well.  There is a big question though that needs to be asked, ultimately, who is responsible for the service of your copy machine?  With our company, we contract with Xerox so that they are ultimately responsible for the service of your machine.  With many small businesses out there going under, isn’t it better to have the manufacturer behind you than a local company, like us, when it comes to service?

Now, when it comes to billing or use questions, we all know the manufacturers can be a nightmare to deal with.  You end up talking to people in Singapore or Dubaii, or some other place where English is their third language.   Now, they do well given they are trying to answer very technical questions in a non native language, but we are here in Denver to come by and help address the concerns that you have about the actual use of the copy machine.

If you would like a quote on a new copy machine, please give us a call today!