Who Manages your Copier?

You may have a good price on your copier lease, but are you doing everything you can to track monthly expenses? As a business owner it can be easy to want to move on to another task once you complete a job. However, the job isn’t always done as soon as you think it is. Leasing a copier is a constant reminder that you need to be tracking costs, consumables, and maintenance. This can be hard to do all on your own, which begs the question, if you aren’t tracking your office machine then who manages your copier?

Not everyone thinking about choosing a copier manager, but it can be amazingly beneficial. You may be surprised how much waste can come from a copier. Wasted prints, unnecessary color usage, accidental print jobs and much more can add up over the years on your copier’s lease. If you aren’t paying attention to all of this then you could be losing hundreds a month.

Choosing a manager for your copier can help elevate all these problems. Look around your office and decide who you think can handle a little more responsibility and is capable. Don’t hire someone new for this position, but make sure that your entire office knows who the new copier manager is.

A good copier manager should be in charge of the following tasks:

  • Tracking consumables and making sure everything is stocked
  • Look for better deals on things we use the most
  • Stay up to date on maintenance issues
  • Track unnecessary usages
  • Be the first person to go to when the something isn’t working right

A good copier manager can save you a lot of time and a lot of money. Consider choosing one when you get a new copier in your office or you could regret it later on.