Why Customers Often Feel Copier Reps and Used Car Sales are on a Level Playing Field

Yes, I do sell copiers and let’s get it right out in the open that I know many people in my field can be scheisters.  I know this too well because I see some of the contracts you as the customer are asked to sign.  I have seen some pretty terrible examples of copier companies creating difficult work circumstances through ignorance, negligence, or malice.  The key common thread is that they were trying to make a quick buck more than they were motivated to help their customer get what was right for them.

This is a main reason why I started this blog, I was hoping if I put out 50 or 100 articles to help educate a copier buyer of some of the typical “dirty tricks” then you would have the chance to move away from those reps as quickly as possible.

Some basics to help you if you are a “typical” buyer…

1) Generally avoid 5 year leases OR make sure you DO NOT go with the reps upgrade a 4 years and 3 months.  Someone is going to pay for the extra 9 months and you can be certain who that will be.  No one will let you trade in for “free.” It may be included, but it is never “free.”

2) Make sure you are not paying for extra accessories you don’t use.  Most notoriously is the finishing unit.  If you  don’t care if it staples, why would you spend $1,500 so it will?

3) Make sure the company who sells the copier can also fix the copier.

4) Be cautious as your rep moves you to color.  There is a REASON they are doing this.  Color is more expensive.  If you need color, of course you should get it… but if you don’t, don’t take it.

5) Ask questions and make sure you understand where all of your costs are coming from.

If you need some help analyzing a copier contract, we’d be happy to help you.  Why?  Because we want new business.

Hope this helps and I wish you the best of fortune in this acquisition process!