Why I Actually Like Working With Xerox ~


This blog is going to be a little bit of a lovefest.  I apologize in advance.  As you read through the posts you will see that I will write the good, the bad, and the ugly with my experiences with a manufacturer.  On this post, I want to commend Xerox for their servicing of equipment under warranty.

We have one customer who has a Phaser 7760 and they have had to get this printer replaced twice.  Of course, a competitor would use this as an example of poor quality.  The problem is this is a very unusual event, in our vast experience with Xerox.  I have sold Xerox color devices to over 100 customers in the past 2 years.  2 of them have had this experience.  The amazing part is Xerox has been fixing it for free, replacing the printers as needed and just going about their business.  We don’t have to call our local reps to have them intervene like we do with other manufacturers. 

Just as a pointer to people buying a color device…  if warranty and customer service matters to you, Xerox as of right now (this stuff always changes) is awesome to work with!