Why the Customer May Not Always Be Right…Or Are They?

We have sold copiers for years now, and we do an astronomical level of research concerning the features of each copier. When customers call us in search of a copier, however, we place listening even above research. Our customers sometimes feel like they are being interviewed because we are writing down the details to see where the customer is coming from.

For example, they might only be printing 1,000 pages per month, but they are bound and determined to chase after that bigger copier. Instead of convincing them otherwise, we ask further questions, such as:

  • Will You Print in Tabloid Paper? No.
  • Will You Need to Make Booklets? Probably not.
  • Does the Amount of Work Require an Automatic Hole-Puncher? Nope.

Finally, we ask what will be the most important factor to them. They usually respond that they want a copier that lets them grow without a hassle. We have learned that customers will often buy based on their values. While we could tell them otherwise, they would probably go to our competitors and receive the copier they wanted. We have learned that instead of losing sales and alienating our customers, we will do our best to steer them in the right direction based on their values.