Why the “Old Way” of Purchasing a Copier is Dying

Xerox WorkCentre 7328

Xerox WorkCentre 7328

There is a process which has become more and more extinct.  I have heard the “old time copier sales guys” talking about when they used to drag a copier into an account and leave it there to be tested before they even qualified the account.  They’d load up a truck and start going door to door until someone would give their copier a try.  Personally, I am quite glad that practice has more or less died.  An important question is, “What killed it?”

There are a number of factors which would make this a bad way to sell (and more importantly for you purchase) a copier.  Here are a few of the main reasons you wouldn’t catch me trying that method.

1)  Copiers are networked and include scanning.  Ech network is different, so these can take a few houts to hook up the right way.  Who’s going to pay the install if there is not a sale?

2) Copiers come in a myriad of options…  Letter/Legal only, Tabloid capable, and the color versions of the same.  Plus there are volume considerations, etc…  you’d probably have to carry 6 – 8 copiers at a time trying that method.

3) Drop ins seem unprofessional.  Most companies prefer to have a phone conversation before they have a physical demo.  This helps to get rid of potential supplies who have little to offer.

4) Color copiers are more sensitive than B&W copiers and color is where the money is.  So, moving the fragile equipment that you want to sell is a bad idea because it will end up being a terrible demo

5) There needs to be an agreement between facilities and IT as far as whose responsibility it is to purchase the copier and whose budget it will be taken from.

There are more reasons, but these are a start.  I would shy away from the rep who wants to bring a machine by without really taking some time to try and understand your needs.