Don’t Spend too Much on Black and White Copiers…

Xerox Phaser 3635

Xerox Phaser 3635


This post is being written for the Black and White Copier buyer, not for the color copier buyer.    Because color is so variable, it’s not going to be addressed in this post…

I was just at a customer’s location, and I shouldn’t be surprised by this, but I always am.  They had a copier there that was simply a desktop copier and got 5,000 pages and maintenance per month on the machine for $335.00. With a little math, that works out to be $.067 per page cost, which is a ridiculously high number.  Had this customer gone with a machine like a Lexmark X654e, they could have spent about $90 per month for the device, $40 per month for maintence and $60 per month for supplies, for a total cost of $190 per month instead of $335.  This is $.038 per print and with the equipment included, this is a very fair number…  They could have gone a bit cheaper, but functionality and daily workflow is still important to this customer.

Are you in a similar situation?  Do you find you make 5,000 copies per month or less and there is a copier rep trying to sell you a machine that is $300 or more and is a 5 year contract?  You do not need to spend this much.  If you are making 25,000 copies a month, that does require a bigger machine so it is not a maintenance nightmare…  If this descibes you — A user printing 10,000 pages a month or less.  Tired of paying over $300 per month for a copier…  then you owe it to yourself to give us a chance to lower your costs substantially and use the technology which has come out in the last 5 years which will dramatically cut expenditures!