WorkCentre 7970 Overview

The Xerox WorkCentre 7970 is the answer for those who know the demands of the modern workplace. The WorkCentre 7970 is not just some office printer; it is the answer for those who demand more from their office machines. You can always print confidently when working with the WorkCentre 7970 because it was made with the hardest days’ work in mind.

The Xerox WorkCentre 7970 has a monthly duty cycle of up to 300,000 pages. This comes along with a maximum print speed of up to 70ppm for both color and monochrome. That means that your daily demands won’t be interrupted by a finicky machine.

You will also get a full color printing solution that can handle your biggest jobs. And when we say biggest we aren’t talking about the number of prints. The WorkCentre 7970 can do prints as large as 12.6” x 19”! That means you can be doing full color posters in your own office.

However, this machine is not all about power. It is as technologically advanced as it is powerful. The WorkCentre 7970 comes with a 9inch touchscreen to help streamline all your jobs. You will also have Connect Key technology to help you work on the road.

Xerox knows that mobile technology is crucial to those in the modern office. That’s why they have ut such an emphasis on mobile technology to help you access files from anywhere. You even have the option for wireless capabilities so you never have to deal with irritating cords ever again.

The WorkCentre 7970 is the best printing solution on the market for those who demand the most from their printers.