Xerox and the Total Satisfaction Guarantee

Authorized Xerox Reseller

Authorized Xerox Reseller

We are Xerox resellers and we work hard to understand the protocols and programs the manufacturers we represent offer.  One of the most awesome programs a manufacturer has, but few people seem to know about is the Total Satisfaction Guarantee from Xerox.  Basically, this is a relatively unadvertised program by a major manufacturer, but the benefits are tremendous.  What this means is if you have a lemon copier that is under a maintenance contract (another reason to have a maintenance agreement), Xerox will, at no charge to you, swap out the device.

We had a client who needed this because their Phaser 8560MFP kept having issues with the printhead.  It would streak some, then it would miss blocks and no matter how often the copier tech came to fix the Xerox copier, the copies still looked terrible.  Xerox tried sending techs about 4 times in the same month, and on the 5th time, the customer requested an escalation and Xerox initiated the TSG for this client.  A few days later, a like model showed up on their doorstep and Xerox even paid the freight to get the old copier back to them so they could refurbish it back at headquarters.

I am not aware of any other copier manufacturer with such a high commitment to quality.  If you need a new copier in the Denver area, please give us a call today as any copier we sell with maintenance is eligible for this program.