Xerox Colorqube 8700 on Amazing Special

Get up to 60% off the Colorqube 8700!

Get up to 60% off the Colorqube 8700!

Are you looking for a new color copier and have wondered what you get?  The great news for you is the Xerox Colorqube 8700 is currently on a quarterly special where you can trade in your old color copier and get up to 60% off the price of the new copier.  Given these ballpark for about $3000, that is an $1800 trade in rebate.  So, you would be getting a $3000 copier for about $1200 after you get your rebate check back from Xerox, which takes about 6 weeks.

Some of the benefits of the Colorqube 8700 is that it goes 44 pages a minute, comes standard with print, copy, and scan.  Fax can be added for a few hundred dollars, but the $3000 price included fax.  Accessories like stapling and extra drawers can also be added and they also qualify for the trade up rebate!

If you are looking for a color copier in Denver, we think you should consider the Colorqube 8700 by Xerox.  You get a huge bang for your buck and currently will get 60% off with a trade in (some of our clients found old ones for $100 and used that to do their trade in.)

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