Xerox Colorqube 8870 in Denver

Why the Xerox ColorQube 8870 is Both Affordable & Reliable

The Xerox ColorQube 8870 will not only provide its users with excellent color printouts, but it will also be able to save them a sizable amount of money. Similarly sized units often use toner, which is larger and therefore more difficult to ship and store, increasing the price. The ColorQube 8870 uses solid ink, which is smaller and therefore cheaper to order, and can also be conveniently placed right into a drawer.

Quality and affordability are only two parts of the puzzle – a good printer needs to perform well on a consistent, daily basis. The specifications of a Xerox ColorQube 8870 are certain to hold up in even the most demanding office environments:

• Print as quickly as 40 pages per minute in full color or crisp black and white
• An astronomic monthly duty cycle of 120,000 images
• No more standing around at the printer tapping your foot – the ColorQube 8870 can have the first page of your job out in 5 seconds

Xerox is known for excellence in printing, and the 8870 is no exception. This printer brings high quality, dependable printouts to a fast paced business with an affordable price tag.

Even better, we have a demo for sale for just $1,995 with $500 of extra ink and a full warranty rather than the $2,499 for the standard printer.