Xerox Copier Overview



Video Transcription

It is January 28th, 2014.  As you can see down here – way too late in the evening at 10:25pm.  I’m just looking at some of the Xerox multifunction their color devices, and giving a quick overview of how it should be used kind of what it’s good for.  The 6015 – good for home office single user – not a lot of copying because it doesn’t have the doc feeder like the 6505 would or pretty much any other copier.

You have low volume, 12-15 pages a minute, good for one person, not super-expensive.  That’s the deal with that one.  The 6505 shares basically the same overall except it’s faster – a little bit more expensive.  And that’s about it.  The 6605 is a little bit better than the 6505.  It also has the color touch screen, which is the first one with the color touch.  It’s definitely faster, 36 pages a minute – more expensive again, cheaper per print.  And there is the optional Wi-Fi connectivity.  And you can add an extra door.


The 8700 is one of my favorites.  It’s a solid ink printer.  There’s a screen right there.  You can look at it, at the Color Cube 8700.  There is the nice doc feeder, a little convenient stapler and just overall a solid machine – $2,500 so we just took a big jump.  The 6400, I personally haven’t had very good luck with it.  And it appears that other people are thinking the same thing.  It’s one of the lower rated copiers on the Xerox site here … Pretty expensive at $3,699.  It used to be $4,199, but it’s definitely come down in price.  It’s faster.  It’s pretty good business color – not my favorite, but it definitely works.


The 8900 looks like the 8700 because basically it’s the same exact thing.  They’re both the wax.  The interesting thing is that the 8700 gets better ratings, and so that might be because people are expecting a little bit more if you’re going to double the price.  The reason why they do that is that is they use the same copier, but then the ink’s a lot cheaper on the 8900, so your ongoing costs will be a lot lower.

Then, you get into the tabloid kind of printers, the A3, which would be like the 7220, 7225, which is just a 20 to 25 page per minute tabloid copier … Very basic and good copier.  The 7830, 7835, 7845, the 7855 – all those are really good with the thick paper LED.  And they’re definitely more expensive, but they are very, very, very solid … One of the better copiers  I think they make right now.

The Color Cube 9301, 02, and 03 – the cool think about the Color Cube, whether it’s the 9301, 9302, 9303 or the Color Cube 8700 or the Color Cube 8900 is if you’re on a cost plan.  It will actually count your color with just a tiny bit of color, like just a logo or a little email as a black and white print.  So if you’re doing a cost per print plan it can save you a lot of money.


That’s kind of the stuff at the top of the run here.  So if you have any questions give me a call at 303-586-7704 or go to  That is our website.  And I’ll pull this up here so you can see the number, 303-586-7704.  We’re right here in Lakewood, Colorado, and we’d love to work with anybody actually anywhere across the country because we do have nationwide sales and service.