Xerox Copier Sales in Denver

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Xerox is one of the most renowned brand names in the photocopier industry. The company is so well known that many people use its name to refer to all copiers and the process of making copies. Xerox makes several different models with an assortment of features, which can vary between individual models.

Typical features include large paper capacity, document security technology and multi-function capabilities. While the capacity varies, Xerox models can hold between 2,000 and 5,000 sheets of paper. They may have one or more adjustable trays to accommodate standard and legal size sheets. With the demands of modern business, many offices need copiers that can support multiple workstations. Your company can keep the machine in a central location while protecting sensitive company and personal information with passwords and encryption. Members of your team can access the machine through your wireless computer network. The copier’s hard drive can store the documents, which enables you to copy or fax the information whenever necessary. Remote access and queue functions increase office efficiency. Sophisticated copiers eliminate the need to purchase and maintain additional equipment like printers and fax machines. Contact our Denver office if you need assistance selecting the best Xerox copy machine to support your company.