Xerox Phaser 5550 vs HP Laserjet 9050

Phaser 5550 vs. HP LaserJet 9050

The Xerox Phaser 5550 and the HP LaserJet 9050 are both high-performance machines. Comparing the two may start with the ticket price; however, other features that impact the bottom line include performance, print quality and first-page printing speed.

Ticket Price

The Phaser offers many levels of value. The four derivative models in the Phaser 5550 series are all priced lower than the cheapest LaserJet 9050, which costs around $3,400. For example, the Phaser 5550B is priced at $2,000, and its low cost of maintenance adds even more value over time.


In a busy office, the time it takes to print a page can significantly affect the company’s professional image. The Phaser 5550 utilizes between 256 MB to 1 GB of memory. The LaserJet is limited to 512 MB at its maximum capacity. The Phaser’s performance is powered by its memory capability, and the end result is a first-page-out time of 6.5 seconds. When first-page printing speed is critical, this 1.5 second difference constitutes a competitive edge over the LaserJet.

Print Quality and Online Support

Print quality is inextricably tied to resolution. The Phaser 5550 provides images saturated with 1200 dpi while the LaserJet’s resolution hovers around 600 dpi. Additionally, the LaserJet offers few options for IT assistance. The Phaser provides multiple online support features including email alerts and troubleshooting.

Finally, the Phaser’s automated internal components create invisible efficiencies that reduce the total cost over time. These combined features can save the user up to $1,300 over the course of 3 years.