Xerox Phaser 6128MFP vs HP Laserjet CM2320nf MFP

Phaser v. Hewlett-Packard: Copier Comparison

Competitively priced printers can be difficult to evaluate, and the best printers on the market certainly invite comparisons. This process often helps business owners and managers make good purchasing decisions. The time spent reviewing the subtle differences between two models can add up to substantial savings over the years. Most businesses will need to compare the attributes of performance, price and total cost of ownership before purchasing.


The Phaser 6128MFP and the Hewlett-Packard CM2320nf MFP are both durable machines. Performance can be reliably measured by comparing printing speed, processing power and the amount of time it takes to release the first page. The Phaser’s printing speed is 5 ppm faster and has only 50 MHz less processing power than the HP CM2320. The Phaser model also has more memory capacity than the HP model. The first-page printing speed of the HP CM2320 is faster than the Phaser.


To accurately assess the merits of these two copiers, both the ticket price and the cumulative ownership cost must be considered. The Phaser and the HP models are both priced under $800, but the $100 difference between them will probably not be the deciding factor for companies with a high monthly print volume.

Cumulative Ownership Costs

Analyzing expenses over time is always a good financial strategy. Although the HP CM2320 costs $100 less than the Phaser, the latter model will save $208 in expenses over a 3-year period. To analyze costs effectively, remember to compare the total cost of ownership against the ticket price.