Xerox Phaser 8560 vs HP Color Laserjet 3800

Phaser 8560 vs. LaserJet 3800

Purchasing new equipment is a major investment for any business. These are obviously going to be on the refurbished laser printer market, however, there are many people buying used laser printers these days.  Selecting a machine that provides the highest quality at the lowest price can minimize this risk. The Xerox Phaser 8560 promises better quality, performance and intuitive controls than the LaserJet 3800.

Print Quality and Price

Many small companies face the problem of high-resolution printing, which is expensive; however, trying to cut costs by reducing the resolution often results in unsightly banding on the page. This problem still exists on certain documents produced by the HP LaserJet 3800.

The Phaser 8560 utilizes several new internal technologies. These components create a cost-effective method of printing. The Phaser is designed to produce high-resolution documents while also maintaining a competitive ticket price.


The Phaser also enables easy driver installation, which reduces mistakes during device setup. The machine is run by a 600 MHz processor and is capable of a printing speed of nearly 30 ppm on all copies. The Phaser 8560 can handle a higher duty cycle than the LaserJet 3800. The 85,000 pages the Phaser can output each month compares favorably to the 65,000 pages offered by the LaserJet. All of these features enable users to maximize their productivity.

User Interface

Production speed can also be affected by the user control panel. The LaserJet’s controls are small and can be difficult for beginners to understand. Compare this interface with the Phaser’s animated graphics panel, which is large and neatly arranged. The Phaser 8560 is more than an office printer; it is a good investment.