Xerox Phaser 8860 vs HP Color Laserjet CP3505

Comparison of the Phaser 8860 vs. HP Color LaserJet CP3505

Attributes Contributing to Quality

When assessing the value of these two printers, the attributes that contribute most to performance and quality should be carefully scrutinized. The real cost of owning a printer is ultimately determined by the per-print price, maintenance, usability, installation and technical support services.

The Phaser 8860 offers a user-friendly combination of low operating costs and easy driver installation. However, this model really excels in the area of technical support. Its onscreen alert notification, PhaserSMART troubleshooting technology and online support systems are exemplary.

Lowest Ownership Cost

The cost-effective design of the Phaser 8860 could very well be the industry standard for color printers. This is the model that businesses can rely upon to deliver value over a long period. Consider the expense of each printed page over the course of several years:

• The Phaser 8860 can save the user $1,346 to $8,420
• Savings occur over a 3-year span
• Savings are based on 1,500 to 5,000 pages per month

These savings are partially enabled by 750 MHz of processing power. The LaserJet CP3505 has a small 450 MHz processor, which reduces the initial cost of the printer. The Phaser 8860 models do tend to cost more than the LaserJet printers, but any estimation of value can rapidly change when factoring time into the analysis.

Several LaserJet printers might be seem cheaper based on the initial cost alone. However, most businesses want equipment that remains relevant over time. The Phaser 8860 is a long-term investment that will return considerable value in several critical areas.