Xerox Printers in Denver

Buying Xerox printers in Denver:

Buying a Xerox printer in Denver can be a real challenge for the buyer who doesn’t live in the printer world  every day.  It is hard to know what differences each printer has.  Are you getting a great deal up front, but maybe paying a bit too much down the road?  How do you know which is the correct laser printer to purchase in Denver when you don’t know all the differences between the products.

Xerox has a myriad of laser printers to choose from.  They start at about $100 and can be as expensive as $6000 for a tabloid color laser printer with a few extra drawers.  When you buy how can you be sure you are purchasing the correct Xerox laser printer?

It is important to consider these factors when purchasing a color laser printer

  • What is your coverage?  (How much of the page is covered in toner?)
  • Do you need to do letter/legal or are your prints tabloid (11 X 17)
  • How many pages a month do you plan to print?

When you understand these factors you can purchase the correct laser printer for the job.  You won’t spend $3,000 for a laser printer when you could have been just as happy with a $500 laser printer.

Give us a call and we’ll help you find the perfect Xerox laser printer for your office.  If you hate Xerox, we can sell other brands too!