Xerox Trade In Rebates

Save Money on Faxing!

Save Money on Your New Copier!

XEROX Tradeups made easy

You spent years paying for a copier that you finally own.

But now you need a new machine, your office has grown, and your old machine is showing the signs of wear and tear. You know that your old machine may not be worth a lot of money—but it still works and you don’t want to just throw it away.

A solution to your dilemma has arrived: The XEROX Tradeups Program. The XEROX Tradeups program allows purchasers of virtually any XEROX copier or printer to trade in their old machine—no matter what brand of machine it is. This rebate is given out through an easy online process that takes about five minutes. You will need to fax or email a receipt of your machine purchase.

All you have to do is go the XEROX trade up website found here:

Once at the site, look for the machine you purchased or are purchasing. If it is not listed you can contact XEROX and see if a rebate is still possible through an offline process.

Make sure that you apply within 30 days of purchasing your machine or have your sales representative submit for a rebate during the purchasing process. Make sure that you are still eligible for the rebate if you are offered any other discounts during the sales process.

Once you fill out the form on-line the rebate process takes about six to eight weeks.
It won’t be long before you’ll be receiving a check.