Xerox WorkCentre 4260 Overview

Transcript of Xerox WorkCentre 4260 Video

Okay, now we’re going to talk about this Xerox WorkCentre 4260. This is actually a really nice copier for the small office.  It does not need tabloid-size paper, which is 11”x 17”.  The 4260 does not do tabloid.  It does letter legal, so legal is 8 ½” x 14”.  Some people get confused, and think that they need tabloid when they really only need legal.  So yeah, this copier is 55 pages per minute.  The touch screen – it’s all right.  It’s not my favorite.  It’s not super-responsive, like when you’re typing a scanned email address.  It just seems to be a cludgy, but overall, it works well.  It’s pretty straight forward and simple.

You can kind of see different models here.  They show you some of the dimensions, so 25” tall, 19” deep, 24 ½” wide.  You have your paper tray right here, and then your output right there.  When you get the 4260, that output tray kind of changes up a little bit where it goes out over here instead of right there.  It takes a couple minutes to kind of swap that stuff out, and it comes in a weird box – not my favorite part of this, but like I said, overall it’s very solid.


One of the goofy things that I found with this particular copier is your toner, basically, goes right into this section right below the logo.  You open up that door.  But you have to open up the side door first for some reason and I have no idea why they did it this way, but they did.  Then, kind of the weird part about it is in order to get the door shut again you have to shut the side door.  It’s this whole kind of – two doors.  It’s like a double latch on a gate or something.  Maybe it’s trying to be childproof.  I’m not sure exactly what they’re thinking.  It’s just the way it had to be done, based on kind of how tightly it’s put together.


The 4260 has some really nice traded rebates right now.  We’re in June of 2013.  That may – by the time you watch this, those may have gone away, I really can’t say.  You have print, copy and scan and ‘yes’.  The X adds facts, and the XF adds the facts and the stapler, loaded with a couple extra traits.  I’m not sure if you can see the finisher down here but it’s included in the XF.  So the 4260-XF works really well for kind of like those offices that have eight or ten people that need stapling.  And the 4260-X is a little bit better for the office with a couple of people that don’t really care about stapling.


They give some of the great advice for the drum and cartridge, the toner cartridge, things like that, so that’s good to know about.  Then, it is, just like I said, a very simple black and white copier, which seems to really compete well against all the other copiers in the market.  After this rebate, it’s basically about five grand ($5,000) and it’s 55 pages a minute.  If you get one of the tabloid copiers, you might be closer to eight or nine grand ($8,000 or $9,000).  And your cost for prints is still just above a penny, so it’s still not bad.


We do offer nationwide cost per print plans, and if you’re looking at a Xerox WorkCentre 4260, we’d love to talk to you.  Like I said, the scanned emails – a little bit fluggy [?] to set up.  The scanned network is reasonably straight forward.  The fax is super-simple.  It does come with a product enablement key, or PEK as they call it.  What that does, is you put it in, and it tells the copier what functions you have purchased.  It comes in a tube, and we found some people actually throw away that tube because they don’t what it’s for.  It’s pretty important to keep it, just so you know, if you end up buying this copier from someone.  You don’t want to throw that in the garbage.


The other thing about this particular copier is that the address book in this scanned email is a little funny too.  You end up having to go through a whole back door and set everything up there.  If you know what you’re doing as far as setting this thing up, it’s really awesome, it’s easy, it’s not bad.  If it’s your first time, you’re probably going to struggle a little bit, especially with the scanning functions, and you may end up calling Xerox’s 1-800 number, which is 1-800-835-6100, and they kind of help out with a lot of the normal set up issues that people face.  They’re really, really great.  As long as you’re under warranty, then you are able to go ahead and get the help you need.


So yeah, it starts at about three grand ($3,000), and $2,600/$2,700 after the rebate, and $5,000 if you decide you need it fully loaded.  Anyway, we’d love to work with you.  If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.  And my number is 720-356-0248 Pahoda Image Products, Denver, Colorado, nationwide service, nationwide sales.  I’d love to work with you. Have a great day.