Xerox WorkCentre 6400 Fax Issues

We have a copier customer here in Denver that was experiencing the following issue with their WorkCentre 6400 Copier here in Denver.

“We only receive faxes from people in our address book.  If it comes from anyone else, we do not see the fax come through, can you help us out?”

More than likely the issue is that of Junk Faxes.  The WC 6400 includes this feature for offices who get bombarded by a bunch of marketing faxes they don’t want.  If you would like to turn on the junk fax prevention, or turn it off, here are some step by step instructions for you.

Enabling or Disabling Junk Fax Prevention
Junk fax prevention disables printing of any faxes sent from fax telephone numbers not stored in the
speed dial directory.
To enable or disable junk fax prevention:
1. At the printer control panel, press the Machine Status button.
2. Touch the Tools tab, touch Service Settings, then touch Embedded Fax Settings.
3. Touch Incoming Fax Defaults, then touch Junk Fax Prevention. Touch:
• Enabled: Prevents faxes from printing if the fax telephone numbers are not stored in the
speed dial directory.
WorkCentre 6400 Multifunction Printer System Administrator Guide page 122
• Disabled: Allows faxes to print if the fax telephone numbers are not stored in the speed dial
4. Touch Save.
5. Touch Close, then log out.