Xerox WorkCentre 6400 — Moving Tips

Xerox WorkCentre 6400 Color Copier

Xerox WorkCentre 6400 Color Copier

I recently went down to the Denver Tech Center and went to the Xerox facility to borrow their WorkCentre 6400.  It is a color multi-function which is great with color and it is letter/legal capable rather than tabloid capable.  I took it downstairs and put it into my car.

I got the Xerox WorkCentre 6400 to the place I was going to demo, grabbed it to take out of my car (my back is still sore from this…) and then I got it to the customer location.  I took it upstairs, got everything plugged in and then the drawer wouldn’t shut all the way.  I couldn’t get it to work because it was constantly saying there was a paper jam.  OK…  now what?  I took the copier back to the Denver Tech Center, brought it back up to Xerox and there was that awkward…  “I think I broke your copier conversation.”  So, what happened?

When transporting a larger copier, you want to make sure it goes on a flat surface.  The more contours there are, the more likely you will be to damage drawers (like I did).  My seat cushion jammed up into a spring, broke a spring in the drawer mechanism and forced Xerox to order a new tray because of my mistake.  If this happened to you, it would be likely you would have to pay for this service call.  I was lucky because it was not my copier, but Xerox’s copier.

Tips for Moving a Copier:

  1. Take out consumables if shipping the copier
  2. Strap tightly in vehicle so there isn’t a lot of shifting
  3. Place on solid level surface
  4. Follow manufacturer guidelines for moving their specific model
  5. Try to keep this process at an absolute minimum.  The bigger a copier, the less it should be moved.