Xerox WorkCentre 7435 Scanning Nuisance

Scan Kit feels like this...

I always try hard to be fair and accurate.  This is a post in which I feel it is necessary to vent a bit.  When I looked at the Xerox WorkCentre 7435 spec sheet, it seemed to me that the “Scan to Folder” would be scan to network, not just “scan to the copier”… This is a frustration as I am a reseller and even after calling around to various Xerox people, I was still unable to get accurate information.  I thought that after learning this truth, Xerox would take care of it because they are the ones with the poor wording.  Not so!

Xerox basically stated I should have called into a higher level of support and that it was my problem for assuming.  I normally like Xerox a ton, but this is a situation where they seemed to drop the ball.  If you need scan to network and you are buying a WorkCentre 7435, make sure you buy the kit or that it’s quoted in your initial quote!

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