Xerox WorkCentre 7800 Series

Mobile technology is more important than ever before. Utilizing mobile technology is no longer just about connecting to social media or the internet. Being connected gives your business the ability to be proficient even when you are not in the workplace. Smart technology gives your business the edge it needs when competing in a complex market.

The Xerox WorkCentre 7970 gives you the technology you need to stay competitive in the modern world. All models in the WorkCentre 7800 series come with features to help you stay connected more easily than ever before.

  • Apple Airprint (print emails, and more from your IPhone or Ipad without drivers to install)
  • Remote control panel on mobile
  • Optional Wifi allows you to connect from anywhere without cables

Smart technology is the best thing that can take your business into new territory. However, as technology connects us more than ever it is crucial to make sure that you are protected.

The Xerox 7800 series comes with the most complete range of advanced features, technologies, and solutions from security industry leaders. These features help you stay in control and keep you more protected.

  • Encrypted PDF files for scanning
  • Complete hard drive encryption
  • Prevent unauthorized access with Xerox user permissions
  • Complete visibility
  • Security management and tracking of all activity with audit log

Features like these give you the ability to keep yourself protected from whoever may want to steal your data. Getting the perfect office machine isn’t just about getting a powerful machine anymore. It’s about getting something that solves all your office problems. That’s why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the Xerox 7800 series for your business.