Your Copier in Denver Needs to Work, not be Sexy…

Having a Big Copier is Sexy, but is it Necessary?

Having a Big Copier is Sexy, but is it Necessary?


It is time to look into another copier and you are getting ready to call your rep who sold you your last copier…  after all, they did bring you doughnuts every Friday for a few months!  Before you call your rep back and get into the latest, greatest, sexiest copier out there…  here are a few things that might surprise you.

  1. 97% of all copies are letter/legal and not Tabloid, according to industry sources like Gartner. So, do you actually need a tabloid capable copier?
  2. Small copiers generally have faster warm up times and are very fast these days.  Some customers are concerned that if they buy a smaller copier, there will be a workflow bottleneck.  It is generally more likely to have the bottleneck with the big copier because warm up times are so much longer
  3. Some smaller copiers, such as the Lexmark X654de can run copies at a rapid 55 pages a minute, so speed is in the “small copiers” now too.
  4. Color generally costs 8 to 10 times what Black and White does, do you actually need color?  If you do, are all the drivers set to default to black and white?
  5. Stapling and hole punching costs about an extra $1,500 in most cases

If you want some no nonsense help and and a copier quote from someone here in the Denver metro area, give me a call and we can schedule an appointment.