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Are You Buying a Canon Copy Machine in Denver?

Xerox is a Great Alternative to Canon! When choosing a copier, it is important to look at all of the factors that go into a decision.  We do not sell Canon copiers here in Denver, and if I am candid, I have to admit Canon is an exceptionally solid copier brand.  My five favorite copiers…

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Copier Buying Mistakes – Most Commonly Seen

Most Common Copier Buying Mistakes… Sometimes when we walk into a copier opportunity, we are walking into an unwinnable situation, or I have yet to acquire the skills to win the copier deal.  We see people sign up for terrible copier deals and there are some common elements we see in these bad deals. The…

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Cheaper Alternative to Canon Color Copiers!

Pay just $.049 per Color Print! If you are looking at a Canon copier and look at your cost per color print, you will notice that you are probably looking at about $.06 to $.08 per color copy.  We have a program for users who are considering purchasing a Canon copier and would like to…

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