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Simplify How You Think of a Copier Lease

I jumped in on another copier sales call recently and was absolutely shocked at the amount this law firm was paying for a few monochrome copiers. The firm was spending $1,200 monthly for two monochrome copiers when the standard price for the two should have closer to $600. I racked my brain trying to understand…

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The Cons of a Copier Lease in Denver

The cons of leasing a copier in Denver When a Denver area business needs a new copier, the best option is to buy the machine outright. This isn’t always the most popular option, since many companies make leasing a copier sound so appealing. There is the low initial investment combined with goods and services that…

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Copiers In Denver – Buying Methods

Choosing the right option for obtaining a copier in Denver It isn’t easy creating starting up a business, no matter how small or how large. There are employees to hire, a business plan to lie out, office space to rent, and a thousand other details to attend. Denver area business owners will pour over information…

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Copier Leasing

You must consider the tax implications when deciding whether to lease or purchase a copier. The tax code classifies a lease as a business expense while a purchase is treated as a capital outlay. Approximately 40 percent of the copier’s purchase price is deductible the first year. Until your company repays the loan, you can…

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How Can This Be?

I went on another copier sales call today at a law firm and the numbers I saw this firm paying for a couple of black and white copiers was staggering!  This law firm was paying $1,200 per month for 2 black and white copiers when the normal rate on the two copiers they had would…

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Leasing a Copier in Denver – Tips

Leasing a Copier?  Here are some Tips! If you are a company who is getting ready to lease a copier or return a copier off lease, then here are some tips that may be handy for you to know about. When you are looking to lease a copier, keep in mind what this really is!…

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