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Document Management Guides

The Benefits of Document Collaboration

Overwhelmed By Files?  Digital Document Management May Be the Answer Online document collaboration can be a great way for companies to collaborate and communicate with individual clients or other companies. Documents can be stored on a database or online and distributed easily and efficiently in ways that weren’t possible in traditional document management systems. 24/7…

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Open Source Document Management

The Proliferation of Open Source Document Management Options As the Internet community has grown, so has the popularity of open source software which is free for everyone to use. This is well received by most developers who love the chance to have a crack at free programming code and the ability to modify it for…

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Digital Document Management: What You Need to Know

What is Digital Document Management? Digital document management refers to a computer-based system that stores, tracks, and indexes your electronic and paper documents. Paper documents are imaged (scanned) and stored electronically. Digital document management keeps important documents and digital files at your fingertips, eliminates walls of filing cabinets, and provides the utmost in information security…

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