A Frustrating Warranty Procedure

Lexmark XS654de

A customer we have dealt with recently has a Lexmark XS654de as well as a Lexmark XS651de multifunction copier.  They bought this machine and have an out of state location.  When calling Lexmark about the support on the Lexmark XS654de, they say that it is a “parts only” warranty, meaning they don’t dispatch a technician to address service concerns.  It’s weird because this is a $2,500 copier and the X464de or XS464de are given an “on-site” warranty but are also half the price.

If you are considering buting a Lexmark XS654de in Denver, make sure you work with an authorized service group and theat you don’t deploy the machine too far away from home, otherwise, you’ll be in a position where the supplier will want to charge you for the labor and you’ll be expecting that it’s included.

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