Advanced Scanning

storm.pngHave you heard about Document Management?  If not, here is a basic overview of what document management is and how it could possibly help your company.

In order to explain what document management is, let’s look at an example.  Google helps you find whatever is on the internet.  Could you imagine using the internet without a search engine?  There was a time when this was the reality.  There were bulletin boards and it was a free for all.   You could waste a lot of time looking for information if Google didn’t exist.

Document management for an office works in a similar fashion.  It gives you the information you are looking for about documents extremely quickly.  How does document management differ from standard scan to network?

  • You can see who accessed documents and what changes they may have made.
  • You can see who downloaded files and when (can help in the case where a sales rep leaves the company and you want to know if they downloaded any pricing or client info.
  • Can help you find documents in any folder or by date or user
  • Can help automate a process flow.  For example, scan the document into the purchasing workflow and it can auto route to the correct people for approvals
  • Audits are available for legal reasons.  Chain of custody can be established.
  • Changes in versions can be analyzed.

If you are looking to take your scanning to the next level, feel free to call us for a demo on what our software can do for you or view these videos on the topic if you want to learn more!


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