An Interesting Sales Call!

I recently visited a potential client.  We shall keep them nameless as there is still a chance for business there.  I went there with very little in mind other than they wanted to chat about a nationwide printer contract. That is always exciting to get an opportunity to talk about a contract of this size.  I sat there and I asked a lot of the questions I like to ask…”Why am I here?” “What are they doing wrong?” “What are they doing right?” “How can I mess this up?” etc…

After a while, it comes about their copier sales rep told them something that I haven’t heard in 10 to 15 years of copier sales.

“I don’t take calls, I don’t return calls – if you want to get a hold of me, send an E-mail”  WTF??

It takes stones to say this, that is for sure, but the questions rush to my mind upon hearing this.  If they aren’t important enough to take care of in the first place, why take on the client?  Does the guy want to lose his job? Are they that difficult to work with?  Ultimately, I was surprised because customers are to be treasured and we need to remain on our “A Game” even when an account is under contract.  Otherwise, we lose these clients and have to go talking to strangers again.

I am glad that Denver copier sales rep is not on our team!  😉