Another Dirty Little Secret: What Your Copier Rep Never Told You (and Likely Didn’t Understand) About the Color Copier they are Quoting You.

So you’re getting ready to get a Copier and have a black and white one picked out and then another rep explains you can get a color copier for the same price “for occasional color use” and still use the copier as a Black and White printer on a normal everyday basis.  This sounds like a great idea, but there is a severe problem your rep probably doesn’t even understand with this logic.

Let me explain how a manufacturer’s engine counts color.  If there is ANY color on the page, it is a color click.  So if it is an email link or if it’s part of an address…  any color equals a color print.  Now you are probably thinking that’s ok because when you print, you print using Black and White.  Now, that would SEEM to make this a Black and White copy, however there is a possibility this will STILL be a color print.  How?  Well, to quote our pricing and procedures book exactly how we see it in our reference material…

  “If any color print is on a page, it counts as a color page. Note that gray scale images printed with the composite black setting on (the default setting on most devices) count as color pages because color consumables are used. Channel Partners are responsible to inform their end user customers that gray scale images will be printed using color consumables unless the composite black setting is turned off. “

So, this means you may think you are printing black and white and you are still getting charged for color prints.  This could mean thousands of dollars a year to you.  This is one of those “gotcha’s” which you really really need to know about if you are getting a color copier or if you are just a user of a color device.