Buying a Used Copier vs a New Copier — Practical Help

Are you in Denver or the Denver metro area and have been considering buying a used copier? It can be a tough call, but there are some things to think about if this is what you are considering.  The first question is why are you considering used anyway?  Is it to save money or to save the planet?  If it is to save money, this is certainly a valid option, but it may not always make sense.  Let’s go with some typical situations where it makes sense to purchase a used copier and some situations where it does not make sense to purchase a used copier in Denver.

Here are a few situations where it DOES make sense to purchase a used copier in Denver:

  • You are trying to save the world and want to make sure more things are not being unnecessarily produced.  Going green is a valid reason to consider a used copier.
  • You have a limited budget AND need all of the finishing options
  • You have a limited budget AND need tabloid capability.  (If you say, what’s tabloid? It is quite likely you don’t need it.) Tabloid is 11 X 17 paper (not legal).

When it DOES NOT make sense to purchase a used copying machine:

  • You have lower volumes and print legal/letter only
  • You do not have advanced finishing needs
  • You do not have patience for mechanical issues
  • You want a solid warranty at no additional charge.

Used copiers can be a good deal, like a used car, but you need to remember several things about used copiers.

  1. Used copiers are generally for sale after their 5 year lease expires…  so you are getting old technology unless you look around.
  2. New features like scan to E mail and Scan to Network are included in the newer devices, they are not always in the older ones, so double check.
  3. New copiers generally do color scanning, even if they are black and white machines.  If you need color scanning, be wary of used copiers.
  4. Used copiers are going to have more mechanical issues.  If you want no problems or issues, I would avoid a used copier.

The circumstance where a used copier makes the most sense:

You want a Black and White Copier that is tabloid capable and has all the finishing options and your budget has been slashed so you need it to be inexpensive.