Buying a Used Copier

Colorqube 8700

Colorqube 8700

If you are in the used copier market, it can get confusing.  With the 2,000 plus printers and copier in the market, plus with used copier that number pretty much doubles or triples due to discontinued copiers and printers.  It can be confusing to be the buyer since every sales rep pushes hard on what they think you need.  Some people actually dont even need a used copier at all. With some copiers like the Xerox Colorqube 8700, a lot of people who would want a used color copier can find a new one for approx the same price (approx $2400), plus there are trade in rebates available for these high quality new copiers.

We have both new and refurbished copiers and will give you a heads up that when one doesnt fit your needs very well

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