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 Color Copiers

If you are looking for a color copier, we can help you out.  We deal with companies across the country, but obviously we deal with more companies in the Denver area.

If you are looking to buy a color copier, here are some basic tips that might be able to help you in your purchasing process:

  • Make sure that if you do a lot of “Tabloid Copies” or 11 X 17 — The click is for 1 sheet rather than 2.  Some manufacturers will charge 2 clicks and others just one.
  • Make sure if you do a lot of marketing or “high color coverage” copies there is no limitation on coverage or penalty if you exceed 40% color coverage.
  • Make sure if you do not need tabloid capability, that you do not purchase it.
  • If you do not need stapling, decline the feature
Ultimately, when purchasing a color copier, it is a matter of aligning your needs with what is available in the market place.  If you would like us to get you a free color copier quote, please visit our homepage to fill out our quote form.
Please give us a call if you need a color copier in Denver or anywhere in the United States!