Color Copiers in Denver, a Change of Scenery…

Looking for Change?

Looking for Change?

As we sell copiers in Denver, we have been noticing many people have been looking more and more at color copiers to replace the black and white copiers.  Most market experts predict that in 10 years or less, color machines will outnumber black and white machines nearly 4 to 1.  Why would this happen? 

  1. Manufacturer’s prefer to sell color machines because it means they sell more toner.  When they sell more toner, they make more money.  Because of this, they are dropping the price of the color equipment substantially to motivate you to buy color instead of Monochrome
  2. Sales Reps are motivated to sell color.  When a manufacturer wants to sell something, they give us more financial incentives to fall in line with their desires.
  3. Customers want color.  They don’t always need it, but they generally want color.  So, it serves a desire even if it is not always a lead.
  4. As more people buy color, more people will have to buy color to keep up and look as professional. 
  5. Color helps with things like recollection and drawing attention to particular things.  For example, having the due date in color can speed up the accounts receivables.

Because of all these reasons, when you are looking at a copier, your copier sales rep will try and talk about color.  We will sell either to you, dependingon your need so we would love to get an opportunity to quote your next color copier in Denver.