OK, so every now and again we have some used copiers or demo copiers we are looking to sell and I thought I would place them on the site. As you already know, if you follow this blog, a copier purchase should be made with some thought and planning… yet, it is good to know what deals are out there in case there happens to be a good fit of something you need and something we have and are looking to move here in the Denver area.

Some of the Used Copier / Demo Copier inventory we have include the following…

For $999 we have a Demo Lexmark X642e. This device was used in our office for about 9 months and we are looking to turn this at a substantial savings to you. Print, Scan, Copy, Fax at up to 45 pages per minute. 1 drawer, no finishing capabilities. A simple copier for a small workgroup. Has 12,000 pages on it.

Next we have a Xerox 4150XF copier. Fax, Scan, Print, Copy at 45 pages per minute. 4 drawers and a staple finisher. Sells normally for $4,999. Ours is $3,199 for the DEMO unit we have. Has 20,000 pages on it.

Finally, we have a used Kyocera 5035. This is a workhorse copier (good for 20,000+ copies per month) This one is selling for $3,500. Has about 200,000 pages on it.