ECOSYS Technology — Economy Through Ecology

Kyocera Mita has been a global leader in the “Green” copier technology for over 15 (First released in 1992) years now with the ECOSYS technology.  What is ECOSYS technology and why does it help you?  Basically in terms of your copier it provides some key benefits…

  • It is a cartridge free system which reduces the amount of waste produced because the drums aren’t constantly being replaced like in other devices…  just toner.  It is like just using gas in in your car and refilling just the gas where other companies make you replace the alternator each time the gas runs out.  It’s just wasteful.
  • Because of the reduced waste, there is an associated reduced cost.  You aren’t paying for all the other parts to be replaced every 30,000 pages.  You are replacing them at 500,000 pages!
  • Less service calls — The long life parts mean you print and copy, print and copy and don’t have to be messing with the machine to replace parts constantly.  On some of the color machines, it is 15 service calls from other manufacturers to 1 for Kyocera (I can provide documention to interested people.) – Less service calls = less headaches
  • Better Green Impact — With less waste and lower energy needs, Kyocera copiers are the standard for environmentally friendly copies in the larger units (I would say the Xerox 8860 color device would be for the letter/legal size copiers)…

Most companies here in Colorado and especially Denver are looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly and Kyocera has had an answer for years to help companies acheive these goals.