Gateway To New Possibilities with Xerox ConnectKey

Xerox ConnectKey Technology takes your regular copier to the next level. It’s a complete digital assistant perfect for task forces of all sizes. 

ConnectKey goes above and beyond your expectations and transforms how you interact with your workplace. For businesses, only buy genuine Xerox ConnectKey-enabled printers from Denver Copier. 

App-Based Intuitive Interface

With most copiers, the interface is near impossible to navigate for a new user, with too many buttons and little intuitiveness. That’s why ConnectKey Technology-enabled printers go the extra mile to provide a familiar interface. 

Each function on the copier is available on the touch display as a separate app. The interface is no different from what you might find on your smartphones and tablets. You can scan, print, copy, and email via pressing icons on the tablet through the App Gallery. 

Additionally, you can download your apps, such as Connect 2.0 for Dropbox and Microsoft Office 365. These apps allow for seamless cloud connectivity and completely change how you upload files. 

And that’s not all. With the App Gallery and the Personalized Application Builder (PAB), you get even higher levels of customization. 

You can create apps that automate certain workplace tasks, such as scanning and printing large files. And the best part is that even a newbie can do it.

Stay Connected

ConnectKey Technology allows you to stay connected to your entire workplace all the time. It features the Xerox Extensible Interface Platform

Its software allows third-party companies to give you customized document management systems. These systems offer better workplace optimization, workflow automation, and security features. 

In the long run, this means that your Multifunction Printer (MFP) will adapt to the way you work. Essentially, you’ll be using a printer that understands your printing habits. And one that provides the most convenient solution. 

If you want to buy or lease authentic Xerox copiers, head to Denver Copier.